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The sheltered waters of the Gulf Islands are teeming with inter tidal and marine life. The call of the wild is everywhere and the seascape is no less than magnificent. We traverse the shorelines and paddle into small coves and shallow inlets not accessible to most other water craft. Porpoises, seals, river otters and mink are commonly seen; sea lions and orcas may also be spotted. Many species of birds grace our islands eagles, osprey, herons, oyster catchers, buffleheads, widgeons, wood ducks.

With 4 or more people we can organized specific dates for your kayaking/camping expeditions

Kayaking Expeditions - Salt Spring Island

"Dear Jack, family and staff, thank you very much Jack for your suggestion to circumnavigate Prevost Island. I really enjoyed all 32.2 km with sightings of seals, bald eagles and star fish. It would not have been possible were it not for the help of your great staff.  Here's a photo taken north of  Kingston last weekend where I was demonstrating some paddling skills to a friend. I wish you all a great conclusion to the paddling season and hope to see you again on my next visit westward." Best regards, Don

Salt Spring Experience "Kayak / Full Moon / Nutritious Wholesome Food / Spectacular Wildife"

Kayak through the Gulf Islands viewing the spectacular bounty of intertidal life, marine mammals and bird life. In adddition to the regular wonderful, adventurous days of paddling, and an evening paddle in the moonlight, watching the magical phosphorescence dance off the blades of your paddle. This weekend highlights nature exploration, sumptuous vegetarian fare, health and wellbeing and is bound to get you motivated to continue on with this lifestyle. Your certified kayak guide(s) make this a Gulf Island experience you will not soon forget. We camp on several of the Gulf Island Marine Park sites including Prevost Island, Wallace and Dionisio. The route is dependent on the weather but we have many options with the abundance of parks within close proximity.   Options for B&B stay prior to the expedition & a Stroke and Rescue Clinic in the afternoon before the trip at additional costs.

All inclusive with food & gear; just bring your own sleeping bag/pad and personal clothing.

$750.00/person + GST
Dates: Sept. 12th - 14th

Kayak Expeditions - Salt Spring Island

Expedition Planning

Four Day Expedition Option: will teach you the skills necessary to co-ordinate and lead your own expedition with confidence. The course will be instructred by Upper level guides Certified by the Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of BC.

You will start off in Cusheon Lake, learning all the fundamental and advanced stroke of kayaking and then learn the essential rescues need to ensure your family and friends safety. We will teach you Navigation and Chart skills so you can safely coordinate routes, calculate tide and secondary tides plus currents and secondary currents so you are always moving with the flow. The Gulf Islands is one of the key areas for learning about current as we have many areas where calculations are critical to arriving at your next camping destination safely and on time. You will learn to navigate in fog, and how to predict the weather using visuals and your hand held marine radio. The course is fun, educational and utilizes the outdoors as the best classroom possible. There are ample opportunities to view abundant marine and intertidal life as the guides offer their knowledge of how the many species interact with the surrounding ecosystem. The latter part of the course works on Judgement and leadership skills through some scenerio based learning. Our guides will mentor and enhance skill in a safe and nurturing environment.

$995.00/person + GST
Dates: July 2nd - 5th & Sept. 6th - 9th

This is an adults only expedition.

Options for B&B stay at Lakeside Cottage the night prior to your session -extra fees apply.

Kayak Expeditions - Salt Spring Island

The Rum Expedition

This is an historical expedition where you start off leaving from Fulford Harbour and Paddle for Lunch to Russell Island, the history lesson begins as we explore this Kanakan settlement. The evening is spent at Princess Margaret Island, one of the Jewels of the Gulf Islands National Parks. It was named after Princess Margaret's 1958 commemorative visit to BC. The Midden beach and walk around the Island is something special! The next day we load the kayaks and head to the Historic Rum Islands. This is an exquisit Park that's history comes from the rum running days of the Prohibition years. It is an area that is not highly paddled but some of the secrets of our back Yard in the Gulf Islands. We will see lots of great wildlife, seals, eagles, sea lions, otter and mink but the scenery on this trip with gazes of Mt. Baker are extremely special!

$975.00/person + GST
Dates: June 25th - 28th

Kayak Expeditions - Salt Spring Island

Paddle Around Salt Spring

This expedition is for those intermediate & advanced paddlers who want to kayak a bit further each day. This program will attempt to circumnavigate Salt Spring Island, camping at various marine parks that fringe the coastline. This is an all- inclusive trip where you just bring your sleeping bags/pads, personal gear and an adventurous, energetic mindset. Coastal Current Adventures provides the kayaks, gear, food and certified, knowledgeable guides. We'll plan the agenda so the current and tides are in our favour and point out the wildlife hot spots as we pilot the group around Salt Spring. Guides are always happy to teach you the skills they are utilizing to implement the trip.

This paddle will leave from Fulford Harbour and land back at our beach in Ganges four days later. Celebrate the Equinox and enjoy the large tides of the New Moon on this fun-filled adventure-packed challenge. Please come with your personal gear packed and ready to launch on day one as our agenda is action packed. We paddle out at 9:00 am to catch the tide on the first day.

Options for B&B stays the night prior to the expedition & the night of our return - extra costs apply

$1195.00/person + GST
Dates: July 7th - 11th

Kayak Expeditions - Salt Spring Island

A Taste of the Gulf Islands

This is a two day expedition out to Prevost National Park from our location in Ganges. It is a fabulous way to get out on the water, enjoy the spectacular scenery and to see the abundance of intertidal and marine mammals in the Gulf Islands. We camp on one of the newest additions to the Gulf Islands National Parks, Prevost Island,. Here we have a chance to view fabulous white shell middens, see a large seal colony and play in waters of Captains Passage, where we often view porpoise! We need a minimum of 4 persons to organize this trip and we can work out dates that also work best for your group or family. An additional day and evening can be added upon request.

Adults $450 + 5% tax - Youth rates are available


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