Duke of Edinburgh Award

If you are pursuing a Duke of Edinburgh Bronze, Silver or Gold Award, most Coastal Current programs meet all, or the majority of, the requirements. Choose a Kayak Expedition and know that you will be supported in your goals! Customized expeditions for groups of 4 or more are another option as well as our one week Overnight Kayak Camps. Whether you are navigating coastal waters or learning about the marine life on a Gulf Islands kayak expedition or wilderness camp, you will find an empowering team spirit to unleash capabilities you’ve never imagined.

Bronze: Join any camp or allow us to customize your own three-day Adventure Journey (subject to availability).

Silver/Gold: Join any of our pre-existing one-week kayak camps.  Note: It is important to discuss with Coastal Current Adventures and the Duke of Edinburgh office to ensure you complete all the pre-trip and practice trip requirements and not rely on the Adventurous Journey alone, to attain your Award.