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Seeking serenity or craving challenge?
Explore Kayak/Camping multi-day adventures. 


Our programs focus on outdoor learning, skill acquisition and fostering   connections with the natural world. The Gulf Islands, surrounded by picturesque islets and diverse marine parks, are the perfect setting for inspiring educational adventures.


Duke of Edinburgh Award

If you are pursuing a Duke of Edinburgh Bronze, Silver or Gold Award, most Coastal Current programs meet all, or the majority of, the requirements. Choose a Kayak Expedition and know that you will be supported in your goals! Customized expeditions for groups of 4 or more are another option as well as our one…
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Guide Training


Our Kayak Guide Certification Courses have been offered since 1995, the year after the start up of the SKGABC (Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of British Columbia).   Coastal Current Adventures is dedicated to teaching a full range of kayak techniques, strokes and rescues, navigation and route planning.  During the practical, on water sessions, instructors will be sharing wilderness knowledge that is critical in order to fully assess risk and ensure paddler safety.  The full spectrum of skills that students learn, will contribute to the development of their individual leadership styles and  confidence in coordinating tours and expeditions in varied West Coast conditions.


The online Campus is new in 2021 and was initially developed to address the safety issue concerns of classroom sessions during Covid.

We have incorporated innovative instruction using video & drone footage and created a platform for online interaction between students.  

Prior online access to the extensive theory portion of each course, will also allow for individual learning preferences and more energy for the practical on water/skill acquisition part of the course. 

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 The Snow Rosen family and Coastal Current Adventures have a shared vision: to adventure but tread gently on the earth and to encourage the protection of the wild spaces for generations to come.


Coastal Current Adventures (formerly Island Escapades Ltd.) was conceived by Jack Rosen and Candace Snow following a decade of adventurous travels and a combined 30 years working with youth and adults in schools, the private sector and social services. The move to Salt Spring Island in 1990, was motivated by their vision of creating an adventure company that would inspire a love and respect for the natural world. The goal, ultimately, was their hope that by igniting a passion for wilderness pursuits, there would be a "greener " way of thinking and more impetus to protect the environment. 


Coastal Currents' programs focus on outdoor experiential learning,  group dynamics, skill acquisition and team building. The company's experience and knowledge are vast and its guides are certified, well seasoned, compassionate, fun and safety conscious. Wholesome nutritious and mostly organic food is a priority and part of the philosophy of being mindful of what is sustainable and good for the earth! 

Our Guides


Jack Rosen


Cassidy Sica


Daniel Finer


John Muirhead


Hal Cook


Jim Raddysh


Donetta Cooper


Jasper Snow Rosen


“Our thanks to all of you at Coastal Current Adventures for making Joby’s Surf Camp so much fun!! Jack, Jasper & Candace, Joby enjoyed himself thoroughly…We know you all put so much into these camps & it really shows..from the excellent meals to the many outdoor experiences & opportunities you provide for our kids…I’m sure Joby will be back for more next year… “

“Thank you so much for this awesomely beautiful and peaceful kayaking expedition.  We appreciate the knowledge of the wildlife and great camping skills of our guide.  We even got a glimpse of the Orcas on the outside of Prevost Island! As a psychologist working a lot with stress and suffering, I cannot tell you enough how regenerating this whole experience was!  The robust meals were a real surprise.  I didn’t know camping could be so comfortable.”

"Our sincerest thanks to each of you.  Our students enjoyed their time on Salt Spring and learned so much about the area, kayaking and themselves.  This couldn’t have happened without your kindness and support.  We are so grateful.  Thanks for all the special food arrangements; loved the wholesome great tasting meals!” 

"After paddling for over 15 years I thought I knew pretty much everything and was taking the course to get the certification; boy was I wrong!  I learned that I didn’t know much and was amazed at Jack and Jasper’s knowledge and teaching abilities!!  Thanks, it was fun, met great people and learned a ridiculous amount.”