About Us

 30 Years of Exceptional Eclectic Island Adventures on B.C.’s Spectacular West Coast!

Coastal Current Adventures is the second incarnation of Jack Rosen and Candace Snow’s vision of creating a business with a focus primarily on eco-tourism and environmental education.

After many years of living the dream-- travelling extensively, spending winters working in both ski and tropical resorts and adventurous, entrepreneurial but relatively carefree summers-- it was time to set down roots.


Island Escapades began as an outdoor tour booking company shortly after their purchase of a lakefront property on Salt Spring Island in 1990.  By the following summer, the business had expanded to include a small fleet of kayaks to facilitate their own tours and lessons. Youth camps, environmental education programs for schools and groups, kayak guides courses and camping expeditions,  followed shortly thereafter.


In 2002, this home based business evolved with the purchase of a commercial oceanfront property in Ganges, the main hub of the island. A clothing & gear shop and vacation rental were soon added to the mix. Island Escapades became a year round diverse enterprise with several employees, including their two young sons, Jade and Jasper.


Coastal Current Adventures was incorporated in 2018 after Candace and Jack sold Island Escapades but retained the rights to the camps, instructional and overnight programs, their prime areas of interest.  The business has come full circle and is once again, based out of their Cusheon Lake property and directed towards environmental education, kayak certification and small group wilderness adventures. Jack and Jasper are the main guides with others contracted for larger programs.  Jade grows most of the fresh organic produce for the overnight excursions and camps while Candace is the editor, ongoing financial/bookkeeping person and task master.


The Snow Rosen family and Coastal Current Adventures have a heartfelt mandate—to adventure but tread lightly;  to create opportunities for others to learn about and be captivated by nature. We protect what we love and it is imperative that we contribute to a more sustainable future for the earth and all of its inhabitants.

Jazz knee deep
Jasper Snow-Rosen

SKGABC Level 3 Guide and Guide Trainer. 

Jasper has grown up with his family fully immersed in an outdoor adventure business and absorbed so much through osmosis. Throughout his youth, he attended countless wilderness youth camps which ignited a passion for outdoor adventuring. Since then, he has paddled all of Vancouver Island and in 2018, co-led with his father, Jack Rosen, a 2500 nautical mile expedition to Nome, Alaska. 

Jasper has travelled extensively throughout Central America and British Columbia and has become an accomplished surfer, keen fisherman, backcountry snowboarder and documentary filmmaker. 

Apart from his incredible outdoor skills, Jasper is an amazing artist, songwriter and musician. He has co-created 3 films that profile the First Nations’ ongoing struggle to protect their lands and the dire consequences of the fossil fuel industry on communities and the environment. He walks the talk; drives a veggie oil powered truck, rides his bike to work and treads lightly on the earth!!  

With his education, work history, and passion for outdoor adventures, Jasper is a stellar guide and camp counsellor extraordinaire!!  If you are stranded in the outdoors you would be most fortunate to be with Jasper.


Jack Rosen

Level 3 Kayak Guide & Trainer/Examiner for SKGABC Guide Certification Courses.

Jack has worked as an outdoor guide since 1988; he is known in the industry as a  bit of a pioneer in the BC kayak industry and is on the board of the SKGABC.

Together with the vast knowledge that he holds and his caring, lively and engaging personality, he really does have what it takes to be an outstanding guide! He has a deep passion for environmental education and outdoor adventuring. His guiding journeys have taken him to Haida Gwaii, Patagonia, Alaska, Costa Rica and the full coastline of BC and Vancouver Island. 

Jack is co-owner, with his wife Candace, of Coastal Current Adventures and before that, Island Escapades. He is an accomplished instructor in the field of kayak guiding and incredibly well versed about the local coastal environment.  Jack continues to enhance the offerings of the company including the development of the Guide Training Online Campus.


Donetta Cooper

SKGABC Guide Trainer & Level 3 Guide; Former Executive Director of the SKGABC

Donetta is a top notch educator, youth and family counselor and accomplished guide trainer. She has done a great deal to upgrade professionalism in the sea kayak Industry. Combined with her two Masters degrees, Donetta may be the most educated kayak guide in BC!  

Donetta began her journey with us as a teen attending one of our Youth Leadership Programs. She has since immersed herself in experiential education and has worked multiple camps and outdoor adventure programs with us.  We are extremely fortunate to have her guiding in 2021, assisting with our AOG courses and Expedition Training.  

Cassidy Sica

SKGABC Level 3 Guide; Guide Trainer in progress

Cass has worked for Coastal Current Adventures and before that, Island Escapades, for 6 years.  His energy for life, kayaking and outdoor adventuring is inspiring!!  Combined with his enthusiasm and skill set, when Cass is teaching and leading, he has everyone stoked and fully engaged. 

Cass is one of our greatly valued Camp Counsellors and Environmental Educators. He is now a full time teacher in our local school district and has had years of experience leading kayak expeditions throughout BC’s West Coast. 

Daniel Finer

SKGABC Level 3 Guide

Daniel has been with Island Escapades and Coastal Current Adventures since he was knee high to a grasshopper.  He went through the ranks of all our youth camps and later, completed our Level 1 guides course.  Following this he worked as a kayak day guide and eventually made the transformation to overnight programs facilitating excursions for Cadets and School Groups.   

Daniel has a more recent history of working in the Johnstone Strait and has guided/paddled in most areas of Vancouver Island.  He has a depth of knowledge on marine mammals specializing in Orcas, sea lions  and  porpoise. Daniel’s enthusiasm and coastal paddling knowledge are highly valued and we so appreciate when he is part of our team.

John Muirhead

SKGABC Level 2 Guide

John brings his true passion for the outdoors to our Outdoor Education programs, Surf Camps and Kayak Expeditions.  He has diverse work experience and outdoor skills including backcountry split boarding, surfing and ocean kayaking.  We enjoy his sense of humour and appreciate his comfort and skills on the water. John's environmental knowledge and ethics shine through in all that he does.  


Hal Cook

 SKGABC Level 2 Guide

Hal has been with Island Escapades & CCA since he was in grade school with Jasper. He began by attending our youth camps until he was old enough to take the training to become a kayak guide. As a young adult, Hal worked for years as a kayak guide in many different aspects of the industry. He is highly experienced in this field and works the winter months as a dog sled guide and manager.  He is passionate about outdoor adventuring and is a fabulous people person.  

Jim Raddysh

 SKGABC Level 1 guide

Over the last two decades, Jim has worked for us part time as a kayak guide and outdoor educator.  He enhances our youth based programming with his diversity of skills, life experience and knowledge.  Jim’s music background always adds fun to programming both on the water and at the campsite!  We feel very privileged to have Jim a part of the CCA staffing.   


Rosen Family


Coastal Current Adventures has a plethora of contracted employees that help us out on our larger School, Cadet and Ranger programs.  We always look forward to having John Herbert, Sarah Smith, Maia Beauvais, Charles Grooms, Juergen Raeuber, Laura Desjarles and Lucas Booy work with us on these customized adventures.