Kayaking Expeditions - Salt Spring Island

Salt Spring

British Columbia is Canada's most biologically diverse province. The Gulf Islands are a landscape of rocky headlands, forested hills and shorelines studded with colorful tide pools and white midden beaches. The Mediterranean-like climate and sheltered waters are idyllic for kayaking and camping.  The seascape is magnificent and the protected areas in which we paddle, rich with intertidal and marine life. We traverse the stunning shorelines and paddle into small coves and shallow inlets not accessible to most other watercraft. Porpoise, seals, sea lions, river otters and mink are commonly seen;  Orca whales may also be spotted. Many species of seabirds grace our islands including eagles, osprey, herons, oystercatchers, buffleheads, widgeons, and wood ducks just to name a few.  A true nature lover’s paradise and world class paddling destination! 

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With 4 or more people, we may be able to customize your kayaking/camping expedition.           Please email us for further information.

Be assured that we utilize all Covid Safety precautions set out by the SKGABC (Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of BC) and the CDC (Centre for Disease Control).  Coastal Currents Adventures also has its own Covid Safety Manual that we adhere to.  Participants will be required to follow all necessary protocol.  


Expedition Planning


Four Day Expedition will be instructed by upper level guides.

After 30 years of teaching guides, we are now offering this comprehensive training to recreational paddlers. This four day early season expedition teaches skills you may not know you were missing but that are necessary to coordinate and lead your own friend/family expeditions safely and with confidence.  

The trip is instructed by certified Level 3 guides whose mentoring aims to enhance skills in a safe and nurturing environment. Much of the content will be similar to what is offered in our Level 1 Guides Course minus the exams.  Registrants will have access to our Online Campus to learn all the fundamentals, view video footage of tidal ferrying and so much more!!


Day 1 of this expedition begins on Cusheon Lake prior to the ocean paddling. This location is perfect for reviewing kayak strokes, braces and rescues and a great warm up before we launch our kayaks on the ocean later in the day. 

Throughout the trip, guides will teach navigation and chart skills to safely plan and coordinate routes. You will learn to calculate tides and secondary tides plus currents and secondary currents to ensure you are always moving with the flow. The Gulf Islands have many areas where accurate calculations are critical to arriving at the next camping destination safely and on schedule. You will learn to navigate in fog and how to predict the weather using visuals and your handheld marine radio.  The latter part of the course will focus on judgement and leadership skills through some scenario based learning.


There are ample opportunities to view abundant marine and intertidal life while our guides share their knowledge of how the many species interact with the surrounding ecosystems. These exemplary guides will coordinate wholesome, hearty meals including fresh food sourced from local organic growers.


June 27-30 - Ages 16+
$960 + GST  

The Rum Runner Expedition

Visit some of the jewels of the Gulf Islands on this historic route!

This expedition is a spectacular paddle through islands that many paddlers do not experience and includes a bit of a historical journey through the Gulf Islands’ past.  Our first lunch spot, Russell Island, was settled back in the late 1870’s by Hawaiians (or Kanaka as they are known in their own language). Back in the 1700’s, Kanaka peoples became involved in British Columbia’s maritime sea trade.  Many lived among and married First Nations peoples and eventually settled in the Gulf Islands.  Russell Island, in 1997, was sold to the Pacific Marine Heritage Legacy and subsequently became part of the Gulf Islands Natural Reserve. There are several present day Salt Springers who either grew up on Russell Island or are of Kanaka heritage.


The evening is spent at Princess Margaret Marine Park on Portland Island, one of the jewels of the Gulf Islands. The island was presented to Princess Margaret in 1958 to commemorate her visit to BC and later, in 1967, returned by the princess to the province for preservation as a marine park. It is now part of the spectacular Gulf Islands National Park Reserve comprising over 15 larger islands and many smaller islets and reefs.   


The next day we load the kayaks and head to Isle-de-Lis, commonly known as Rum Island due to its use as a liquor cache during prohibition.  Rum Island is connected to privately owned Gooch Island by a gravel beach to create an isthmus and is an ideal location to put our kayaks ashore.  These islands border Haro strait where we can catch glimpses of larger marine mammals as they feed in the abundant waters. 


The last night we camp either at a new site, east side of Princess Margaret Island or on Sidney Island, depending on weather and winds.   The scenery on this entire trip is truly amazing including the majestic snow capped peaks of Mt. Baker and the Coastal Range. 

July 25-28
$995.00 + GST

Gulf Islands Marine Park Paddle

Island hopping, paddling by day and full-moon night paddle

The sheltered waters of the Southern Gulf Islands archipelago are ideal for paddlers of all ages and experience levels. The scenery is spectacular and the marine environment teeming with wildlife, seabirds and intertidal species.  Enjoy adventurous days of kayaking along picturesque islets plus an evening paddle in the moonlight, watching the magical phosphorescence dance off the blades of our paddles. This expedition highlights nature exploration enhanced by the knowledge of our exceptional, professional Level 3 guides.  Enjoy a diverse meal selection of wholesome sumptuous food, much of it organic and grown locally with veggies primarily from our son Jade’s Backwoods Farm. 


We camp at two different locations in the Gulf Islands Marine Park which may include Prevost, Wallace and Dionisio. The scenery of this area is stunning with its white shell beaches and sculpted sandstone formations along the shorelines.   The route is dependent on the weather but we have many choices with the abundance of islands within close proximity.  Options may be available for a Stroke and Rescue Clinic in the afternoon before the trip and at an additional cost.

All inclusive with food & gear; just bring your own sleeping bag/pad and personal clothing.

August 9-11
$750 + GST

Fall Equinox Paddle Around Salt Spring


This expedition aims to circumnavigate Salt Spring Island, the largest of the Southern Gulf Islands.  It is best suited for intermediate & advanced kayakers as the distances paddled each day will be greater than other expeditions we offer. The trip plan will be structured so that the currents and tides are in our favour and offer us the best opportunity, weather permitting, to be able to fully circumnavigate the island. 


Coastal Current Adventures provides the kayaks & gear, and hearty meals that include fresh food sourced primarily from Backwoods Farm and other local organic growers. Our highly accomplished certified Level 3 guides know this area as their backyard playground; you will learn about the local flora and fauna and enjoy their favourite hotspots along the way. Guides are always happy to teach you some of the skills they are utilizing to implement the trip.  Participants can also access our Online Campus to learn about strokes, rescues, navigation and weather prior to the expedition.

All inclusive with food & gear; just bring your own sleeping bag and personal clothing.

$1200 + GST


“Thanks for being such an amazing guide. We loved the kayak expedition, seeing seals, eagles, sea stars and truly thought Sansum Narrows was so beautiful on our Round Salt Spring trip. It was definitely our highlight of our trip to Canada's West Coast.  The food was amazing and all the gear really nice. Our family will return again!” 

Melanie, Jacob, Rob and Sasha

Maryland USA

“Thank you so much for this awesomely beautiful and peaceful kayaking expedition.  We appreciate the knowledge of the wildlife and great camping skills of our guide.  We even got a glimpse of the Orcas on the outside of Prevost Island! As a psychologist working a lot with stress and suffering, I cannot tell you enough how regenerating this whole experience was!  The robust meals were a real surprise.  I didn’t know camping could be so comfortable.”


“Our Expedition through the Northern Gulf Islands was epic.  Jasper is a superlative guide and really taught me alot about how to be comfortable camping. He is a great cook and the knowledge he possesses about wildlife and fishing is immense!  Nice to eat some salmon on day three and really nice for us to see so many eagles and sea lions. Loved camping and paddling through Porlier Pass and Dionisio. Much Thanks, we’ll be back!!”

Doug D