Preparing for Your Expedition

We are so excited to welcome you on your Expedition with Coastal Current Adventures! 

Lesson one for every adventurer is to: pack wisely! We have provided this resource to help you prepare for an amazing trip. Please read carefully and allow yourself plenty of time to collect any items that you will need to be warm, happy and safe!


Note: if you arrived at this page and have not yet registered or paid for your Expedition, please first click here to select your Expedition, register, and pay your deposit or balance. 



Please open and fill out each of the following forms. You can fill them out online, then click File: Export as PDF (Safari) or File: Print: Save as PDF (Chrome, Firefox).

Send completed pdfs by email to at least 2 weeks prior to the start of your trip. For forms requiring signature, simply type your full name in the signature field.


What We Provide

  • Professional Guides – All certified by the Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of BC
  • All kayak gear and safety equipment – PFD’s, paddles, pumps ropes & sponges . .
  • Tents. During Covid each person will have a separate tent unless you are a couple or living under the same roof and would like to share one.
  • All food and snacks. Special considerations are made for dietary restrictions. Dinner on your last day is not included. We provide tasty nutritious meals, predominantly vegetarian and organic; some fish may be served.
  • Sleeping Pads are provided- you can bring your own but it needs to be compact.
  • Sleeping Bags are Not Included and should be synthetic and not down-filled or cotton/flannel lined.
  • Rental bags are $25 + GST for the full trip. Please ensure you let us know if you want a rental bag- includes stuff sac.
  • Water is carried in 10 litre bladders; it is filtered or treated in a government facility. We need to conserve water. There are no showers on these trips but we access many beaches where you can swim. We have a solar shower with which to rinse off.
  • All Park Permits for camping.
  • We take binoculars and a water proof camera and will send out photos via a drop box link that you can download.

What You Provide

  • Flights, airport transfers, ferries, taxis
  • Travel and Medical Insurance—we highly recommend both
  • Alcoholic or carbonated beverages
  • Rain Gear
  • Sleeping Bags unless rented
  • Personal items—please see clothing list below for your expedition.
  • Tips for guides are not included in the price of your expedition. Your interpretive guides are highly trained, pack and cook your food, route plan, and provide ongoing safety. If you want a recommendation of a tip percentage, pls. contact the office.
  • Please come with a positive attitude and willingness to learn new wilderness etiquette
  • Medication, glasses, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc.
  • You can bring your own camera and binoculars but please ensure they are waterproof. No electronic gear does well around salt water.


 *Note: We rarely are able to have a campfire as the Gulf Islands have extreme fire hazards in summer months and most parks do not allow campfires.

Note on Alcoholic beverages: We do not have much extra room to pack these items. Having said this, we do allow clients to bring a small amount of wine or spirits to have after we have landed. There are restrictions in specific parks banning alcohol and any combustibles.

Expeditions F.A.Q.

 What is the Difficulty Level?

Our Kayak Expeditions require you to have a moderate level of fitness. You will be lifting heavy boats with a group of people over uneven terrain. If you have a bad back, please speak with your guides about this. Kayaking is an upper body workout that involves some stamina and strength. Swimming (good cross training activity) and exercising beforehand, are recommended. We typically paddle 3 hours in the morning and another 2.5 to 3 hours in the afternoon. Some days are shorter but we cannot predict the wind and weather that may cause us to be on the water longer in order to reach our destination.


How large are the Group Sizes?

We have a maximum group size of 10. The ratio of guides to clients is 1:5 or if we use all double kayaks, 1:6. During Covid, we try to ensure that groups are a bit smaller but they can reach maximum size when comprised of individuals all in their own bubble, such as a family.


Most Important

These expeditions are meant to be fun as well as educational. There is much to see and learn about the areas in which we are paddling. Your guides are very knowledgeable but also entertaining and easy going. We hope to see as much wildlife as possible but keep within a safe distance of 100 meters or in the case of Orcas, 200 meters. There are some zones that are restricted entry on the water as they are known Orca feeding zones. We must keep out of these areas.

Coastal Current Adventures works on unceded traditional Territory of the Tsawout, Cowichan, and Penelekut First Nations as well as the Nations that lived in the Saanich Pennisula: Pacheedaht, T’souke, Esquimalt, Songhees, Malahat, Pauquachin, Tsartip and Tseycum. We are visitors on their land and must be respectful of that, leaving all artifacts found in any midden beaches we have visited.


What is unceded land :  This is land that was never settled or given up by First Nations with the government of Canada and thus, in effect, was taken without consent. It is necessary that prior to any mining, logging or pipeline installations, that First Nations be consulted. Most of British Columbia is unceded territory but unfortunately, not always respected as such by the powers that be.


Other protocol for participants

  • It is important keep together with your group while on the water.  During crossings we travel in a close formation to ensure other boats can easily see and miss our pod of kayaks. We always travel within a few boat lengths of other group members.
  • Inform your guides if you are heading out for a walk at the campsite so that they know where to look for you if an extended period of time has lapsed.
  • During Covid, we cannot have anyone else touching food or helping with the clean up. During other, non Covid times, we are happy to have you help with the dishes and food preparations if you so wish and are interested to learn some of our favourite camp recipes.
  • Please ensure you have read all the pre-Covid requirements prior to attending and maintain Covid regulations and expectations while on the expedition. We wash our hands as regularly as possible with soapy water.
  • Treat everyone on the expedition with the courtesy you would yourself appreciate.
  • Use of cell phones: Many people on our eco adventures, enjoy the opportunity to escape our world of electronics;  if you are on your phone or texting, please do so in private. Please refrain from using your phone while we are on the water and during meal times. Your phones do make good cameras and the newer versions are waterproof though they may still be damaged by salt water contact.
  • Coastal Current Adventures is not responsible for any damaged electronics and does recommend not bringing them whenever possible.