Module 1: Operating Standards

Handouts: have these at the ready to review as you watch the following videos in this introductory section.

A) Water Classification Map B) SKGABC Operating Standards

Video 1: How SKGABC Started

Hear the story of how Sea Kayak Guide Association of B.C. began setting their Guide Certification standards, after a harrowing trip in Haida Gwaii. Then, learn when and how the SKGABC teaching modules were created.

Video 2 :Client-Guide Ratios

Having read through the Operating Standards in your SKGABC manual, and checked out the Water Classification Map, you’re ready to view this video which expands upon Client-Guide ratios.

Video 3: Where a Guide Can Lead

Learn what types of trips can a guide lead or assist —  in what type of waters, according to which level of certifications they have achieved. Then, we go over Operating Procedures in detail. We also look at Safety Equipment and Hardware needed for guided trips.


Think you’ve got all that? Time to take the Quiz! Quiz opens in a new tab: when you are finished filling in your answers, click “View Score” and you’ll see whether you’ve gotten any answers incorrect. If you made any errors, go back and click “Submit another response” and repeat until you have a perfect score.